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Candle magick is probably the oldest and simplest magick there is. A great place to start if you are new to Wicca. I included some basics here to help you get started. A candle ritual can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.


Candle Color Correspondences


* The Goddess

* Higher Self

* Purity

* Peace

* Virginity

* (substitutes any other color)


* Binding

* Shapeshifting

* Protection

* Repels Negativity


* Special Favors

* To Influence Friendships


* The Goddess

* Astral energy

* Female energy

* Telepathy

* Clairvoyance

* Intuition

* Dreams


* Third Eye

* Psychic Ability

* Hidden Knowledge

* To Influence People in High Places

* Spiritual Power


* Element of Water

* Wisdom

* Protection

* Calm

* Good Fortune

* Opening Blocked Communication

* Spiritual Inspiration


* The Element of Earth

* Physical Healing

* Monetary success

* Mother Earth

* Tree and Plant Magic

* Growth

* Personal Goals


* Affection

* Romance

* Affection

* Caring

* Nurturing

* Planetary Good Will


* Element of Fire

* Passion

* Strength

* Fast action

* Career Goals

* Lust

* Driving Force

* Survival

* Blood of the Moon


* General Success

* Property Deals

* Legal matters

* Justice

* Selling


* Professional Growth

* Business Fertility

* Career Maneuvers

* Passion

* Money Goals


* The God

* Promote Winning

* Power of the Male

* Happiness


* The Element of Air

* Intelligence

* The Sun

* Memory

* Logical Imagination

* To Accelerate Learning

* To Break Mental Blocks

Candle Magick Basics

You can use any kind of candle on your altar as long as it has been cleansed and consecrated. This means removing any negative energies. There are several ways to do this, I usually cleanse all my altar tools with sage smoke. It is a good purifier and banishes negativity. You can also consecrate your candle with a concentrated oil that corresponds with your magickal working. (Oils will be covered later on a whole new page). It is also important to remember that blowing a candle out is disrespectful, so a snuffer is a must. Some people dont believe that scented candles are appropriate but I think if the scent is helpful to your spell that they can be okay. (Apple scented candles at Mabon, for instance) I once found some candles that had a scent of fresh cut grass and found them to be very useful for certain spells. You will work out what feels right to you and that is what is important.


What you send out, comes back to you-times 3.


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