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So, what is a "magickal name"?


Your magickal name is the name that the gods/goddesses know you by. It is used in meditations, rituals, spells, anytime that you are using the astral plane. Everyone has different opinions about magickal names. Some people believe that it should correspond with your birth number. If you are drawn strongly to numbers and use numerology, maybe that is best. I dont believe that it is necessary.

Some people believe that you should keep your magickal name secret, so that no one can cast a dark spell upon you. It is said that if you know the true name of a demon, you can summon it.

I lean toward having more than one magickal name. I have a magickal name that I use on the internet, to protect my real one. Online I am known as Earth Spirit. I personally havent discovered my "true" magickal name yet. I figure it will come to me someday.

There are many ways to discover your magickal name. You can use numerology, divination, or simply ask the gods. You can also list things that you feel strongly about. For example: animals, trees, plants, elements of nature, and study the list, if a couple really jump out at you, maybe that is your name.

There are whole books on this subject, so if you really want to discover your magickal name, I suggest doing some reading. Just remember, it is possible to change your name, (people change) but I wouldnt suggest doing it often and if you took your name from a god or goddess, be careful not to insult them.

I have included some links to sites that have some good suggestions on magickal names. Good luck and Goddess bless!

Finding your Magickal Name

Magickal Names and Numerology

Exercise to help you find your Magickal Name

Magickal Name

What you send out, comes back to you-times 3.


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