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To create powerful magick, you must understand the phases of the moon. The complete sequence of Moon phases from new to full takes a little over 29 days, so there are 12 full moons in some years and 13 in others. Approximately once every two and a half years, two full Moons will fall within a single calendar month; the second is known as a Blue Moon, and magick performed under it is twice as strong.

NEW MOON-When the crescent Moon is visible(horns facing left)it is time to begin new ventures and start projects. Light a white candle and make a wish for the month.

WAXING MOON-Focus on creative magick during the waxing moon. Perform spells for health, wealth, or love. Think positively during the waxing moon and that positivity will carry on.

FULL MOON-When full, the Moon is at the height of its energy and power. This is the phase most associated with magick. Concentrate on spells emphasizing fulfillment and abundance: good time for love and success spells. This is also a great time for divination.

WANING MOON-As the Moon decreases, it is the ideal time to focus on what you would like to disappear from your life. Perform magick to decrease debt, cure an illness, banish something from your life. It is good fortune to give to others during this phase.

DARK MOON-As the Moon shrinks to nothing and turns its face away from the world, you will be wise to follow its example. Replenish yourself by withdrawing and looking inward, good time to meditate or practice yoga. Evaluate what you want but wait to act until the New Moon.


Triple Goddess-
Just thought I would add a note here about the triple aspect of goddess. This is not three different goddesses, but aspects of the goddess. As the moon waxes, or becomes full, it represents the maiden. When the moon is full, it represents the mother. When the moon wanes, or the time after the full moon when it is decreasing, it represents the crone. This is why the moon is so strongly associated with Wicca and the goddess.

Depending on where you are in your own life, you may feel more strongly attached to a particular aspect of goddess. Sometimes certain spell work will require that you appeal to one of the aspects of goddess.

The maiden is also associated with spring time when the earth is new and coming to life. The mother is associated with summer and all of its abundance of life. The winter is associated with the crone as she ages and eventually dies so that the spring may come again.

I hope this has helped any of you who are new to the craft and may have been confused by the very different representations of the goddess. As you see, she is changing and evolving just like we do. Hers is a continuous cycle that is beautiful in all of its aspects.



What you send out, comes back to you-times 3.


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