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Being close to nature is important if you are taking Wicca seriously. Being in tune with the phases of the moon, the seasons, and nature is one of the best things about Wicca and it can truly enrich your life.

In an effort to be one with nature, I have decided to start by making my house as self sufficient as I can get it. Right now, I am in the research phase of my endeavor. Along with planting a garden, I am making plans for a greenhouse as well as a chicken coop. I will chronicle my adventure into this on this page. I will post links that I found helpful for any of you wishing to do the same. A big thing of mine right now is alternative energy. By choosing alternative energy we not only reduce the amount of co2 we send up into the air, but we save money as well. Also by choosing these alternate forms of energy we are sending a message to the government as well. What we are doing to the Earth Mother needs to end, or it will be our ultimate demise. Join me, it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. A first start might be to trade in that gas guzzler for a more economical car. My car is a VW diesel that gets great mileage and I buy bio-diesel whenever I can find it. I am researching solar power for my home and when I construct my greenhouse it will totally be powered by solar, as will be the chicken coop.

My chickens are doing wonderful! I bought twenty five chicks back in March. It was still cold here so they lived in the laundry room in big plastic totes. That was something! But, it got warmer and they got bigger, so I moved them to my old garage. They are big now and by my estimations, I should start seeing eggs late this summer. We still have plans to build them a coop, that will hopefully be heated in the winter by solar power. I'm still researching that and trying to decide the best way to set it up. I hope to have some pics soon. For now, I must be doing something right, all twenty five girls made it and all appear healthy.


Chickens can provide an excellent source of fresh food, whether you keep them just for eggs or for the meat as well. Chickens are also a great natural way to control your bug population in your yard or garden. Chicken poo is also a great fertilizer for your plants and speeds up that compost pile. So, here is some of my favorite chicken links and I will keep you posted on my chicken farming endeavor.

Excellent site for beginners, or people who just want a few chickens.

Excellent site for the beginner or for someone who already has chickens. Good Q&A, message boards, etc.

Alliance to Save Energy-all kinds of info, for home, appliances, schools, etc.

Appliance Recyclers

Because the earth needs a good lawyer-A group of lawyers fighting for the environment.

What you send out, comes back to you-times 3.


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