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Here is where I will attempt to enlighten you on the ways of the "kitchen witch". Here is where you will find potions, health and beauty aids, and other things to mix up, brew or cook. I will also try to touch on the basics of using essential oils. I also have links to some other sites that have ingredients cataloged well as this takes up a lot of space and some other folks have put together some excellent on line guides already. If you have a potion or concoction of your own you would like to share, e-mail me and maybe I will include it here.

When working with herbs and potions, do your homework! Some herbs arent safe to ingest, or may not be recommended for pregnant women or people with certain health ailments. A good book on the subject is essential. Below is a link to a site that has an excellent herbology section. Before making a potion or other mixture check on all ingredients to be sure that they are safe.


Homeopathic remedies should be used with common sense and in conjunction with regular medicine. Know when you need to see a doctor. Below is a link to a site that covers the basics well and has a great guide to ingredients.

Homeopathic Herbal Remedies

Pressed for time? The very act of taking bath can be ritualistic as well as a great way to pamper yourself. There are many skin care products, lotions, soaps, etc. you can make yourself and incorporate your skin care with your magickal workings. Below are some links to sites that have some great tips as well as a few recipes.

The Manor House-Bath and Beauty

Nice basic guide to making your own bath salts.

Free magick bath spells

This site contains a nice library of potions as well as spells.

When working with essential oils, it is important to remember that you must first decide on a good carrier oil. A carrier oil is used to dilute the essential oils and are a base for ritual oils. I use mineral oil for a lot of mine, it is found in the drug store and holds up well. There are others that work well too. Below are links to sites that have touched on this subject well and are easy to look something up. Once you get a feel for what the different oils are used for, you will find yourself mixing your own in no time.

The Kitchen Witch-excellent online recipe book for witches

Kitchen Witch or Cottage Witch-great site that covers a lot of territory. Excellent site for those new or interested in kitchen witchcraft.


What you send out, comes back to you-times 3.


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