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I thought perhaps those of you who are new to Wicca would appreciate some history of the persecution of witches. The first thing to clear up is that most witches were hanged instead of burnt. I guess burning is more dramatic for the movies. I will also put some links here for sites that did a better job than me. Just remember that the purpose of learning about this dark history is so that we do not repeat it, not to perpetuate hate.

A nice site that honors the victims.
Click on the picture to find out how you can adopt a witch.

Salem Witch Trials

In 1692 a group of three girls began accusing townspeople of witchcraft. It really got carried away, many people were hanged and whole families were destroyed. A guilty verdict also meant that they would lose their land and businesses. I've often wondered, if they truly thought these people could do the things they were accused of, how come they couldnt escape the noose?

Here is a link of a timeline of the events that took place in Salem. It is a good basic guideline to the key events.

The Medieval Witch Hunts

In the 1500's in Europe, the Catholic Church essentially declared open season on witches. Many things could get you accused of witchcraft. Pagans suffered the most, but herbal healers and midwives were prime targets as well.

A nice introduction to the history of the European witch hunts.

This site has a lot of information on all witch persecutions right up to the present day. It also has some other Wiccan information.

A cool link that will let you experience the witch trials of 1692.

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