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Spells are undoubtedly an important part of the Wiccan path. Make sure you know exactly what you are doing and state exactly what it is you want. I will be adding more to this page, so check back often!

Casting Circle

Casting a circle should be the first thing you master. There are many variations, you will adapt it to fit your own style. There are always basics considered though. I always call upon the four elements (earth, air, fire and water). If you are brand new to Wicca, I suggest a simple book to get you started and make sure you understand what has to be done to cast the circle before you begin.
Here is my incantation for casting circle:
By the earth that is her body,
By the air that is her breath,
By the fire of her spirit,
By the waters of her womb,
As above, so below,
The circle is made whole.

Basic Spell Binding

As like calls to like,
So my will is done
With harm to none
As the goddess decrees
Three times three
So mote it be!

Protection Spell

Elements of the sun,
Elements of the day,
Come this way,
Powers of night and day,
I summon thee,
to protect me,
So shall it be.

Check out my online Book of Shadows

Triple Goddess Invocation

Lady of the morning
Maiden full of grace
Remind me of my courage
Hail and welcome be.
Lady of the moon
Mother round and full
Remind me of my creative spark
Hail and welcome be.
Lady of the dark
Crone, the teacher still
Remind me of my wisdom
Hail and welcome be.


Reversal Spell

Only works for the last spell you did. Think about your spell and how it went wrong. Then in a strong voice say:
My spell went wrong,
Please reverse it,
Dont mess it up,
And dont pervert it.

What are your favorite spells? Let me know and perhaps I'll include them on this page with mine. Click below to send me mail:


What you send out, comes back to you-times 3.


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