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I personally, am a solitary witch. I like the freedom it gives me and I am not too big on formal ritual. However, some people do need formal ritual, it truly depends upon you. I also believe that solitary Wiccans should network and talk to one another, to share experiences or to discuss issues. So, being solitary doesnt mean you are anti-social, just that when you perform magickal workings, you prefer to do it alone. My daughter is Wiccan and you would think that we perform things together sometimes, we tried it once and it just didnt feel right. So, we perform our magick separately, but compare notes later. So on this page I will try to list links to covens or organizations that might be helpful to you if you are working on this decision. I read books and other things that are aimed toward the coven witch sometimes just to help me develop my own rituals. It is all part of choosing the path that is right for you. So, Goddess bless and good luck.

A British traditional coven

Oldenwilde-traditional Wiccan coven

Rosewicket-Coven that welcomes teens and adults alike

Foxglove Circle

Dragon's Weyr Circle

Mystic Moon Coven

Just a note, I dont have any personal experience with the covens listed here. I provide these links based on the information on their site. I just try to provide information to help some of you make your decisions regarding the craft. If you would like to have your coven listed here, go to the Contact Me page and send me an email. As long as your coven isnt a dark witchcraft coven, I will be more than glad to add you. Goddess bless.

What you send out, comes back to you-times 3.


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