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Ritual tools are used to direct energies, they should always be cleansed and consecrated before use. I use sage smoke it banishes negativity and is very good at cleansing.



The wand is used to conjure and direct energy. It is associated with South and Fire. Traditionally the length of the users arm; from the tip of the pracitioner's middle finger to elbow, preferably made from fallen wood.


The candle is connected to the South and Fire. It use(s) depends on the working being preformed.


A black handled knife which is blunt and rarely used to cut anything. It's uses are similar to the wand as a focus point for directing energy. The athame is associated with East and Air.


Associated with Air. It's scent and uses depend on the working being preformed.


Placed in working area. They symbolizse Earth and North. Uses and types vary.


Associated with Water and West. A symbol of the womb, representing the female ability to contain and nurture. Also used to make brews, it can be filled with water and used for scrying. It is usually three legged (representing the Triple Goddess in Wiccan and some (neo-)pagan traditions).


The chalice is linked with West and Water.


Used for cutting herbs and other practical purposes. Ususally a white handled knife.


A broomstick usually used for ritually cleansing the working area.

Ritual Workbook/Book of Shadows

A Book of Shadows is a book of the philosophy of ritual, and perhaps rituals themselves.


These are used to make music during certain cermonies and rituals. Often used to induce a trance state.


Used for scrying, is usually black-backed.


This is made on, or for Initation day in some Wiccan covens. They are used in some rituals, worn often; during every Esbat for pertection and power. Also can be ritual amulets, etc.

Bowl of Water

Placed on the altar to represent the Water Element. Often used for scrying.

Bowl of Salt

For protection, also sprinkled around the circle to purify it.

Five Candles

These are to acknowledge the five Elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit/Akasha/Aether. Sometimes they are all white, others prefer to have them colour coded to the specific Elements they represent (this differs system to system).


What you send out, comes back to you-times 3.


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